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Ideas for walks in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer


Sentier des Douaniers

N°1 : GR4 European Long Hiking Trail "le Sentier des Douaniers" - the Customs Path

Total distance: 10km from Royan to La Grande Côte (3.5 km of the trail near Saint-Palais-sur-Mer)

Starting from: Rue de l’Océan (Saint-Palais-sur-Mer)

Reference map: Topoguide "Promenades et Randonnées en Pays Royannais" on sale at the town's Tourist Office


Around Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, this route covers 3.5 km from Nauzan beach to the beach at La Grande Côte. A peaceful walk offering a unique view of the Côte de Beauté, the Gironde (the largest estuary in Europe) and the Cordouan lighthouse.

To see: Carrelets (the local traditional fishing huts), heritage of the Charente-Maritime, the Lighthouse, the "Rochers Légendaires" - the Devil's Bridge and the Puits de l’Auture.


Plage de la Grande Côte

N°2: Forest circuit

Total distance: 12.5 km

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Starting from: La Grande Côte car park

Reference map: Topoguide "Promenades et Randonnées en Pays Royannais" on sale at the town's Tourist Office


Both circuits are shown on the "Circuits randonnées et pédestres" pamphlet on sale at the Tourist Office (0.50 €)


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Idea for a walk: Raymond Vignes leisure park

Ideal for a peaceful and shaded walk around the lake, the leisure park—located behind the market—covers 16 hectares and has leisure facilities for young and old alike. Mini-golf, mini-boats, tennis and children's games. It is an ideal place for walks, picnics and why not an impromptu nap? A paradise for anglers.




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Idea for a walk: the "Legendary Rocks"

The famous "Rochers Légendaires" of St Palais which have inspired stories due to their unusual shapes - the Devil's Bridge, the Monk's rock and the Well of Auture between le Concié et La Grande Côte. At Le Platin, the rocks of the Pierrières had a role in the real history of St Palais serving as a quarry at the end of the sixteenth century for the construction of the majestic Cordouan lighthouse out to sea.