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Getaway on the river Seudre


Welcome to the Royan country…
The Seudre estuary with its oyster villages, growing ponds—once salt marshes—and vineyards in a unique landscape along the river Seudre. Let us guide you through the labyrinth of alleys in one of France's most beautiful villages with stories of salt and wine. Royan unveils its most beautiful postcard scenes. An idyllic setting and an unforgettable stay.


Getaway on the river Seudre  - day out


Walking Tour of Mornac sur Seudre, labeled as one of thr Most Beautiful Villages in France

Discover the village: the Saintonge Romanesque church, its alleys, its markets, its oyster port and salt marshes... Stroll around and listen to the stories Mornac has to tell.

Duration: 1 hour


Visit the salt marshes

Discovery of a unique salt production operation in the Royan area. The production of salt, sea salt and the salt marsh environment are fascinating stories. Get off the beaten track and learn the secrets of salt production from local craftsmen.

Duration : 1h - 1h 15mins


Lunch in Mornac sur Seudre


The Domaine des Claires – Arvert

Visit and tour a family winery. Vineyards and storehouses, distilleries and winemaking processes, discover the wonderful flavours of wines from our region - Pineau des Charentes and Cognac being the most famous specialities.

Guided tour and tasting

 Duration: 2h


From 43.00€/pers.